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Connecting with Customers Through Empathy

Differentiated customer experiences can’t be created without an emotionally intelligent approach on the part of the business. Rhonda Basler, Customer Engagement Director for Hallmark Business Connections, shares practical tips to foster empathy in frontline employees.


The Valley's Problem with Empathy - Silicon Valley has an Empathy Vacuum (podcast and article)

This article and podcast explores how technology is more about technology than the impact on society.

If You Can’t Empathize with Your Employees, You’d Better Learn To. Empathy Is Key to a Great Meeting

These are two great articles from Annie McKee - one of the speakers at this year’s Women’s Leadership Conference.


Upworthy Celebrates Power of Empathy with Event in NYC and Release of New Research Study (article and links to videos)

This talks about a research study showing empathy is the key in motivating people to take action. As more brands explore purpose-driven storytelling, Upworthy's empathy-evoking stories increase reader engagement and activate brand purpose.

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